Three Ways to Keep Your Home Cool without Resorting to Air Conditioning

woman holding an RC for air conditioningSometimes, the heat can be intolerable. When this happens, households often turn to air conditioning to cool down, only to be disappointed when they see the spike in their electricity bill. Don’t fret, though: there are practical ways to buffer the heat out of the home as well as enjoy backyard barbies and activities indoors without needing air conditioning.

Use Shading Devices to Keep the Sun Out

As much as 30% of the heat that enters your home comes in through the windows, so utilising window treatments in a great place to start to keep your home cool and refreshed. Furthermore, keeping the blinds or curtains closed can help save households up to 7% on their utility bills and lower their temperatures indoors by 20 degrees. Some households turn to aluminium sun shades since they not only serve to cool the home, but also improve the home’s exterior as well.

Fire Up Your Fans

Fans have the power to cool your home the same way an AC unit does. By simply filling a mixing bowl with ice and placing it near a fan, you can give off a faux misty sea breeze in the home. Additionally, making the necessary adjustments to your ceiling fan can also create a chilly-wind effect — try setting it on counter-clockwise for a cooler effect!

Consider Switching Up Bedding

Instead of simply focusing on air circulation, switching up your bedding according to the season is also a fantastic way to freshen up a room. Consider replacing fleece blankets and flannel sheets for cotton during the warmer months since they breathe easier and stay cooler. Replacing your bedsheets can go a long way in ensuring you sleep better and comfortably during the night.

The warm weather doesn’t have to get in the way of enjoying your life indoors. Even the simple things can keep the heat out of your home and without costing you a big buck.