Top 4 Features Your Mobile School App Must Have

As mobile technology becomes increasingly popular, apps have become a necessity for personal and business needs. Educational institutions are one of the many organisations that incorporate apps in their operations. Members of the school community have seen a dramatic change in the dissemination of information and improvement of learning systems because of mobile school apps.smartphones

Perhaps you’re a school director who’s planning for a mobile app launch and you’re in the process of engaging with prospective mobile app developers, you may want to talk to them about prioritising these basic features your app needs:

  1. Calendar

Professional mobile app developers from Simply Apps recommend that you include calendars in the app to keep your students updated with the upcoming school events, make sure that you have calendars on your app. Promoting activities, such as school fair, field trips, educational seminars and conferences will be easy and hassle-free with just one click. Calendars are also an effective way to remind students about deadlines of homework and projects.

  1. Lecture notes

If lecture notes are available right on your students’ mobile, you’re not just providing them educational resources that they can read anytime, anywhere, you’re encouraging them to use their gadgets in a productive way. Teachers can start informative and engaging discussions in their posts that will make learning more enriching for the students.

  1. Parents’ section

It’s important to keep an open communication with the parents of the students. There must be a specific section in your mobile app where parents can ask about school activities and consult teachers about the performance of their kids.

  1. Newsletters

Go paperless and adopt digital newsletters to reach a wider audience (parents, students, teachers, and school personnel). Online newsletters are also a good marketing tool as members of the school can easily refer to the document when sharing school activities with friends and family.

Integrate mobile technology in your school processes. Consult professional mobile app developers so that you can find mobile apps that suit your requirements.

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