The Top 5 Languages to Learn

major languagesMore opportunities come to those who know more. Indeed, knowledge goes a long way in improving yourself, which eventually leads to new avenues to do more, learn more, and achieve more. One good way to further your knowledge is to learn a new language. Some might say this isn’t easy, but it’s easily one of the most rewarding things to do.

It’s best to study something you want to learn, but not everyone can decide that easily. For the undecided would-be multilingual, the top choices are the following:


It might be a little surprising for some, but Arabic is one of the best language choices out there. The language features the second most used alphabet in the world, plus it sits on the fifth spot of the most spoken languages of all time. also says that the native language of West Asia opens many opportunities to high-paying jobs across different sectors.


Chinese takes the crown for being the most widely spoken language around the world, which makes it a good first choice for a new language. Both Mandarin and Cantonese are useful in business, especially to those who deal with foreign clients. UNESCO has also dubbed it as the “most useful second language” today.


When you plan on staying a long time in Europe or if you visit the area regularly, knowledge of the German language is essential. It is, after all, the most dominant tongue in all of Europe.


Japanese is one of the top language choices for the Internet-savvy, because it’s the fourth most used language online. Learning it also opens different career paths in the country, especially in technology-related industries.


Although its influence is not that great in Europe, other parts of the world use Spanish in day-to-day communication. Over 20 countries use Spanish, most of which are in South America. The language also comes next to China as the most spoken language around the world.

Although being multilingual has a lot of perks, you have to be sure that you do want to learn a new language before you begin. Enthusiasm about what you’re studying is more important than the opportunities you see, because that’s your main driving force in studying a whole new way of communicating.

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