Top Three Items You can Give Avid Collectors

Krugerrand priceFor any avid collector or hobbyist, nothing beats finding an item worthy of a place in their box of prised collections. Be it a special edition comic book, a rare gold coin, or a vintage vinyl record, it is like finding that missing piece to complete a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes, it takes an awful lot of time for them to find that special item. Imagine what it feels like when they receive that piece as a gift.

Many say collectors are hard to please, but when you give them something that is of great value to them, you might never hear the end of their gratitude. It is all about knowing their interest and taking things into careful account. If you are planning to give a gift to someone who is fond of collecting things, consider the following:


You can never go wrong with gold. It has excellent cultural merits and holds high financial values. Krugerrand, for instance, is known for its rich history. The coins are minted in South Africa and bear the widely known springbuck design on the back. It is the most common modern gold coin in circulation. Krugerrand makes a great addition to any collection.

Japanese Wood Engravings

Wood engravings, also known as ukiyo-e, are of huge cultural importance to the Japanese. Engravings have become a major artistic form in the country and have produced some masters including Utamaro and Hokusai. The woodblocks often depict scenes in and around cities and regular domestic life. Today, you can easily get them through online stores and Japanese antiquities shops.

Gramophone Record

Commonly known as vinyl records, gramophone records are relics of the not-so-distant past. But while some still store recorded music in these spiral-grooved discs, only dedicated audiophiles and select listeners use them to enjoy music. The records are great as gifts, though. They provide high-fidelity sound quality and can give a vintage feeling to any ambience. The recipient will surely have a blast with the extraordinary experience.

A collection often takes a lifetime to complete. But, as they say, it is not the destination that counts. It is the joy of finding great items along the journey that is important. When you give a gift to an avid collector, from quality Krugerrand coins to authentic Japanese woodblock prints, you are essentially sharing a piece of the experience to that person, which makes it all worthwhile.