Tracking How GPS Adds an Extra Mile to Businesses

Volvo FHAs consumers’ buying habits shift toward e-commerce stores that provide shipment tracking and guarantee fast delivery, it becomes challenging for small and midsize businesses to compete. Turning into an online retailer or having an online shop may not be an option, but using the same innovative fleet management tool is certainly a sensible decision.

An innovative GPS vehicle tracker is a comparatively simple business strategy, providing an unparalleled level of access and control. Here are ways GPS gives your business a competitive edge:

Better Dispatching and Routing

You’ll know the exact location of each vehicle with GPS tracking. This helps you direct the closest vehicle to any job location. Some tracking solutions provide a feature that locates vehicles nearest to any address automatically. Look for a tracking solution that provides real-time traffic reporting so you can warn drivers of traffic delays and provide alternative routes. Look closely at the mapping functions to ensure you’re getting the most efficient dispatching and routing.

Systematised Timesheets and Payrolls

Most businesses rely on manual timesheets to determine the payroll. This may lead to inaccuracies and fabrication. GPS vehicle tracking systems track the time when a vehicle starts and when it shuts down during the day. This provides a precise, automated record of how long your driver worked. You can even use start up and shut off times to record time spent for lunch breaks. Improved payroll accuracy helps eliminate disputes and increase productivity.

Increased Employee Accountability

Monitoring your employees without a tracking system is tricky, as they go in different places simultaneously. GPS allows you to know where the vehicle is and how long it stays in a single location. If employees stay longer than they should in a certain place, you’ll know about it right away. When your workers know that their vehicles are being monitored, they tend to drive and work more efficiently. Your employees will then strive to perform their duties faster and more effectively.

If these aren’t enough reasons to get a GPS tracking system, think of the benefits it will bring to customer service. This may equally benefit your bottom line. If you’re still using CB radios and clipboards, it’s time to move out of the 20th century and into the 21st.