UAE’s Charm as Investment, Tourist and Student Destination

Student DestinationThe United Arab Emirates offers vast opportunities for businessmen, professionals, tourists and even study abroad students.

The international gateway city has already made it to the top of the list of the investment and tourism hubs in the world. Its warm and open culture makes it accommodating to all nations, as it now boasts of its multi-cultural and cosmopolitan fabric. You would never feel out of place once you stay or live in the city. And who would not be charmed by the city’s beautiful, industrialised and technologically advanced environment and scenic green parks?

Apart from being a top investment and tourism hub,  shares that the city is also one of the best and leading destinations for international studies.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, thousands of American, British, French, Canadian, Australian, Indian and Filipino students travelled to UAE in 2015 for short-term and long-term educational courses. Many foreign students are still choosing to study abroad in UAE. This is also the reason why there is already a mix of cultures in the city. UAE also offer a wide range of higher education programs.

Many schools in the city are also accredited in other countries. It has accredited schools that are also associated with the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools in the United States, like the American University of Sharjah. This assures study abroad students that their transcript and curriculum would be accepted in their own country.

Visiting or studying in the UAE also offers a unique life experience. Tourists, investors and students can explore the seven Emirates of the city and learn their own laws, cultures, landscapes and traditions. Contrary to the impression that the Middle East, including UAE, is cluttered with constant chaos, the city is a very safe modern city and has low crime rate.

So do not hesitate to visit UAE and be charmed by its wonders.