UK Mulls ‘Custodial Sentence’ For Persistent Piracy Offenders

Mike WeatherleyThe UK Prime Minister’s Intellectual Property Adviser has again suggested more stringent measures against online file sharing at a debate on the country’s Intellectual Property Bill.

Jail time

Earlier, the adviser has already recommended “withdrawing Internet rights from lawbreakers,” but now, Mike Weatherley eyes a stricter consequence for those who would not follow the law. He said that there must be “some sort of custodial sentence for persistent offenders.”

Weatherley argued that the current bill does not match penalties for both physical and online infringement of copyrighted content. John Leech MP elaborated the point and even called for the increase of jail time for digital infringement from the current two-year period to a ten-year sanction.

Matter of accountability

They also pushed for widening the scope of accountability for infringement. It was suggested that search engines like Google and Internet service providers should also be held liable if there was proven to be a case of criminality.