Understanding the Pros of In-Home Senior Care

On an average, sending your elderly to an assisted living facility is reportedly cheaper than in-home senior care. But why do many close family relatives still opt to get an in-home caregiver to look after their elderly loved one?

Like in many places in the United States, there is a growing market for in-home senior care in West Des Moines, and here are the main reasons it remains more popular than assisted living:

Personalized Assistance

Unlike in assisted living facilities (ALF) where elders are living with little or no assistance at all, your loved one has a dedicated caregiver of your choice. A full-time in-home caregiver service typically includes assistance on personal care, taking medications, and companionship. Other services may include doing the laundry and dishwashing, housekeeping and running errands, and shopping for food and household needs. In fact, some are even trusted to handle personal finances.


Unlike in ALF where elders live in either a studio-type room or shared apartments, your loved ones can enjoy the comfort and convenience of staying at home. This way, they can still have constant communications with their neighbors and friends or even play with their grandchildren. In addition, they don’t need to adjust to a new environment.

Easy Access​

Assisted living facilities are designed to make elders comfortable, which is why it’s usually located somewhere that is close to nature, isolated from the typical loud neighborhood noise, and more often, too far from where their remaining relatives live. And should you decide to visit them, you need to subscribe to the visitation hours. The beauty of in-home senior care is that you can check with them anytime you want.


Depending on the needs of your elderly or the services to be rendered by the caregiver, the cost of in-home care service may be lower than that of an assisted living facility. In fact, some in-home health care providers now offer combo services at an even lower cost.

Having another soul to take good care of your elderly is no easy task, how much more in a community with less supervision. By opting to hire an in-home senior care service, you get the assurance that your loved one is in good hands.