Undying Film Career: How Does Lindsay Lohan Do It?

Many people think that Lindsay Lohan’s career is dead or dying, but new projects keep coming for her despite her history in the entertainment industry. How does she do that?

Lindsay LohanWhat’s Keeping Her Alive?

Cricket Feet casting director Bonnie Gillespie said, “She’s someone we’re looking at for both a film I’m casting and a show I’m developing and consulting on. She’s still tough to insure, and we’re always building in days in case she becomes unmanageable or causes shooting delays, but she’s definitely still bankable, because everyone wants to see where she’ll land with all of this.”

She added, “She’s got about six months to make a great comeback. If she chooses her next project well, she’s gonna have a great year to two years. But if she keeps having spats in front of paparazzi instead of focusing on her craft, it’s not gonna go well for her.”

Will Her New Movie Be a Hit?

Many movies today don’t need a big audience to make money. In fact, even a five million dollar budget is considered small. Besides, Lohan’s movie has overcome a major obstacle: getting distribution through a division of Lions Gate.