Visit an Orthodontist with Your Seven-Year-Old

Children usually wear braces during their teenage years, anywhere between 11 up until 18 years of age. But at seven years old, should your child go to the orthodontist already?

You may think that orthodontics for a seven-year-old may be too much, yet an orthodontist can help especially if they specialize in traditional braces, clear braces, and Invisalign. West Jordan, Utah has many orthodontists who can help young children. In fact, an orthodontist can detect and treat orthodontic problems at an early stage to prevent them from getting worse in later years.

Early Detection and Treatment

The American Association of Orthodontist itself encourages parents to bring their young children in for early orthodontic treatment. Permanent teeth start growing at age 6 or 7. You can consider the treatment as preventive maintenance. In this way, any orthodontic problem can be detected early and treated accordingly, resulting in a reduced number of orthodontic issues in the future.

Check for Jaw Growth

For example, the orthodontist can check your child’s upper and lower jaw growth. Both jaws grow at different paces. At age 8, the upper jaw stops growing, unlike the lower jaw that continues to grow. In this way, the orthodontist can check for any anomalies.

Check for Teeth Growth

The orthodontist can also check the teeth. They can remove stubborn baby teeth that get in the way of permanent teeth. At the same time, he or she can remove excess permanent teeth that crowd your child’s mouth. These procedures can help reduce teeth alignment problems for your child in the future.

Many Other Benefits

Besides detection and treatment, going to the orthodontist at an early age can also bring a better alignment of your child’s teeth, the improvement of your child’s facial appearance, the correction of bite problems, and many more benefits. Your child can even feel a boost to his or her self-esteem and self-confidence.

Many orthodontists in West Jordan treat children of all ages. Your child will be able to have healthier, more pleasing teeth with early orthodontic treatment.