Visiting Your Dentist Could Prevent Periodontitis

A closeup of someone smiling and showing her teethRed and inflamed gums, bleeding gums after brushing and shrinking gums are all signs of gum disease. If you think your gums are receding, the space between teeth can start to increase, and the teeth may become loose.

When teeth are loose or have large gaps in between, bacteria can be left unchecked. Improper brushing could lead to mouth ulcers and bad breath. Aside from looking unattractive, gum disease can lead to periodontitis – a severe infection that can eat away at the jaw bone. The loss of bone can lead to tooth loss.

In order to prevent the progress of the disease, you need to visit your favorite dental office. Payson, Utah’s dental clinics offer patients regular dental checkups and other services.

Preventing Tooth Loss

Most cases of periodontitis can be easily prevented with good oral hygiene. If your oral hygiene is lacking, plaque resulting from bacteria in the mouth and sugar in food builds up on teeth, irritating the gum line until it is inflamed.

Brushing twice a day can remove plaque before it has the time to build up, lessening the chance of periodontitis. Flossing between the teeth can also help by removing any debris left after eating meals.

Scaling and Polishing

If the first stages of periodontitis have set in (red and sore gums), scheduling extra dental visits for regular scaling and polishing to keep bacteria at bay can help prevent the disease from progressing. Doing this could also prevent tooth loss.


If the infection is severe, the dentist will probably prescribe antibiotics to prevent it from going septic.

Dental Surgery

If the level of periodontitis is advanced, surgery could be the only option to save the teeth. Soft tissue grafts may preserve the natural teeth by taking a graft from the roof of the mouth and transplanting the tissue to the affected site to cover exposed roots.

If you think you are experiencing the first signs of gum disease, visit your local dental office at Payson. Inquire about their endodontic and general dental treatments to put a stop to periodontal disease.