What are the Best Places to Retire in the US?

Those looking to retire and spend their twilight years in another city should consider Scottsdale, Arizona, as it was named the fourth best place to retire in the US for 2017.

The list covered 150 of the biggest cities in the country and used 40 key factors to determine the rankings. Analysts used data, such as cost of living, quality of life, health care, and leisure facilities in assessing each city’s rank. Legacy House Avondale shares some other facts uncovered during the survey.

Best Retirement

Among the cities surveyed, Scottsdale holds the biggest population for those 65 years old and above at 21.9%. This percentage is 3.5 times bigger than the population in Fontana, California, which landed on the list of the worst places to retire in the country. Other than Scottsdale, senior citizens can look for prospects on retirement living in Surprise, AZ.

Orlando, Florida landed on the top spot as the best place nationwide for retirement, followed by Tampa and Miami. Take note that the list did not rely solely on affordability, although it also compiled the list of the most affordable cities for senior citizens.

Budget-Friendly Cities

Laredo and Brownsville in Texas are two of the most affordable states for retirement, according to WalletHub. The list defined affordability based on the prices of consumers goods, such as groceries and housing, so you may need to lower your expectations when finding recreational places in these cities. Most affordable does not also mean cheap health care, which is why you should look elsewhere if you prioritize medical facilities

It’s important to note that the list only serves as a guide for senior citizens. It is best to do your homework if you plan to relocate to Arizona, but the relatively large number of elderly population in the state may be an indication that it is a destination for retirees.