What is a DMO or CVB and how can it Help a Meeting Planner

Whether you’re a meeting planner, an HR practitioner, or a government employee whose responsibilities involve tourism, you can benefit from working with a destination marketing organization (DMO) or a convention and visitors bureau (CVB).

What is a DMO or a CVB?

A DMO or a CVB is an organization that offers free services to promote a country, a region, a city, or a town. The primary intention for this promotion is to increase the area’s visitors. The focus is usually on selling conventions, marketing the local tourism, and increasing the sale of goods and services in the destination that the DMO or the CVB promotes. All of these can help economic development in the area.

Who pays for their services?

Half the total DMOs/CVBs are funded by local governments, particularly their tourism arm. The other half are funded – through membership dues – by establishments that benefit from tourism. These establishments may include hotels and motels, attractions, theaters, restaurants, resorts and spas, and others.

DMOs and CVBs are often called by different names, such as information centers, tourism bureaus, welcome centers, travel bureaus, visitors bureaus, and convention bureaus. Whatever they are called, they offer plenty of services to the traveler.

How do they help a meeting planner?

A DMO or CVB can help a meeting planner in a lot of ways. This is because they are the experts on the destination. They can help the meeting planner set up their destination, logistics, strategies, and operations, significantly cutting the time and resources it often takes to set these up all by the planner’s lonesome.

A DMO or CVB may even have an app for destination marketing like Visit Widget. That means visitors or planners can use the DMO/CVB’s website for initial planning and take those plans or tweak them on the go using the app, making them more efficient and dynamic.

Working with a DMO or a CVB can make a planner’s life a lot easier, and keep their plans accurate and reliable.