What Makes an Ideal Website Layout?

The layout of your website plays an important role in converting visitors, sending a brand message, and structuring content. Some sites are better because of their layout, which helps improve their search rankings.

Experts from a web design agency in Utah cite what makes an ideal layout for websites.

In Motion

Motion is an important aspect of design, especially for owners who want to create an interactive experience for visitors. Designs are no longer just about static components; features must show a relationship within the framework of a system. This framework needs to be in fluid motion to convey your brand message effectively.

Create this motion through the website layout. To achieve this goal, you’ll need a prototype that will enable you to test various technologies and interactions, which elicit the responses you want from your audience. Prototyping provides a way to excite customers about concepts that would be difficult to explain.

The Details Matter

The small things matter when it comes to web design and layout. The details on a page contribute to the system and are parts of a unified whole. You’ll need a vision and look that has smaller parts working together. These can come in different forms, such as gradients of buttons, a piece of animation, or interactions within a page.

Structured Flow

Guiding the attention and eyes of visitors is one of the things that the top websites do. Achieve this by creating a structured flow for your site’s layout. Separate content and elements on a page using a grid; rank these from the most important to supporting details. Structure makes it easier for visitors to identify pieces of information they need and hyperlinks to pages they might find benefit in.

Some of the layout elements of websites are successful when it comes to converting visitors effectively, raising brand awareness, and conveying their value proposition and message. Look for an agency that can help you achieve all of these.