What’s That Sound? Noises from the Plumbing System

Noises from the Plumbing SystemDo you hear odd sounds when you’re running water at home? These sounds are annoying, but they might mean something—your plumbing system is sending you an S.O.S.

The rattling and loud banging sounds are annoying, especially at night, but you can use these sounds to diagnose the issues that may be hiding in your pipes. By listening to the sounds and knowing what they mean, you can tell whether you can fix the problem yourself, or if you need a professional plumber to have it fixed.

Loud Banging Noises

Imagine a rapid-moving stream of water traveling down a narrow pipe. Suddenly, the water, instead of coming out, meets a closed valve. As it comes to an abrupt stop, it produces a loud banging sound that you can hear throughout the entire house. This loud, almost deafening sound is a water hammer, as experts call it. It can damage the joints and connections in your pipes.

If the sound is a series of rapid banging noises, it could be that a float valve is not closing smoothly.

Whooshing Sound (When Water is Flowing)

If you hear a quick “whooshing” sound when you run the shower, it’s because of mineral buildup in the pipes. It’s not damaging in small amounts, but if it continues to grow, it will clog the pipe and can cause a series of issues. It’s best to have a professional plumbing contractor clean the pipes before it’s too late.

Splashing Sound (When the Tank is Refilling)

The splashing sound you hear is just the noise when water comes out of the valve under pressure. Fitting a special valve that has a polythene tube to feed the incoming water will reduce the noise. You can also insulate the water storage tanks, but it cannot fully stop the noise, especially if the tank is in or directly above a bedroom.

Gurgling Through the Pipes or from a Waste Trap

It’s normal to hear gurgling noises from a plumbing system if it’s new, or if it has been drained or refilled. This is because the air inside rises through the system. If you hear the noises from central heating pipes, this could mean that the radiators need bleeding to release the air.

If the gurgling sounds continue, it could mean a bigger problem: air is going into the system because of an improperly positioned pump. When this happens, the system might corrode sooner than it should.

Raising the volume on your TV set might work to cancel the noise, but you’re not really solving any problem. If there are issues happening in your pipes, those sounds may just be your guide to fix them for good.

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