When Love Is Not Enough to Be Together

Placing child for adoptionThere is a misunderstanding that when a birth mother chooses to “give up” her baby for adoption, people would misjudge her for “giving up” on the child. This is not true. A mother has many reasons for giving her child away. Some of these are the following:

Lack of Financial Support

Without enough support for the infant in terms of nutrition or medication, mothers find it hard to keep the child. People think it is weakness, but mothers who love their children well face the cold, practical truth that their children need better options in life. On a more serious occasion, a child born with special medical needs will need a family that can support the treatment expenses.

Undesired Parenting State

Another reason is mothers are in a position where parenting is challenging not only for her, but for the child as well. Some mothers cannot bear raise their children as a single parent and would wish the child grow in a family with both parents present, for example. This usually happens when the father refuses child custody as some of the cases in Heart to Heart Adoptions.

Being a Young Mother

The mother’s age may give her an unfair disadvantage in rearing a child. It may be because the mother is too young for the role as the reason some teen birth mothers say. It has also something to do with psychology of a young parent. In psychology, there is a stage where females reach a stage where they develop maternal instinct. It usually kicks in after birth, but it has something to do as well with age.

Cultural and Religious Environment

Unfortunately, not all culture is open for single parenting and both mother and child will only suffer if they continue to swim against the current. There is also the pressure on the mother to produce a desired heir especially in countries where one-child policy is implemented or in families where the child’s gender becomes a factor for their social status.

Sometimes love is more than staying physically together – it means getting apart in exchange for a better option for the other. One thing is present in all of the circumstances mentioned above, the child is given a chance to have a better life than the one the birth mother may provide.

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