When Photographing Kids

Photographing KidsKids are perhaps the most interesting subjects in photography. Their innocence and fun are what breathe life to the photographs. But they can unpredictable. You will never know when they will throw the next tantrum. When that happens, everyone’s mood will be affected. It is advisable to be prepared for shoots where kids are involved.

Trusted names in photography, such as michellevanheerden.com, may point out that the first thing you need to have when it comes to these occasions is patience. They move a lot and shift moods faster than you think, so you need to always have a Plan B. Whether you are a parent trying to take that fun snap or an amateur building a portfolio, there are some rules to keep in mind when photographing kids.

Entice Them with Games

Change your perspective for a while and get down on their level. That said, you have to go with their mood. Make them laugh, and engage them in the activity. To make things easier, initiate a game to set a fun vibe.

Let Them Explore the Device

Kids are curious, and chances are they are going to ask what you are doing. Explain things in a fun and friendly manner. If you can, let them explore your camera. Allow them to take a few shots. Doing this will make them realise that taking pictures is fun. You may bring disposable cameras with you, which kids can play with.

Make the Most of Your Device’s Settings

Kids can be erratic, so make sure that your camera’s settings can respond to the demands of the activity. Be careful with using flash; it is advisable to take pictures where there is an abundance of natural light.

Set the camera in burst mode so that you will a lot of options if you like the kid’s particular pose. You may use the sports mode of the camera to photograph their movements.

These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind when photographing children. Take into account the other factors that may affect their moods, such as clothing and props.

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