When Should I Get My Dryer Vent Cleaned?

Clean a Dryer VentDryer vents do not only help you save so much time, it also allows you to conserve on energy. These dryers can work for years without breaking down. However, this does not mean that a cleaning or maintenance is not in order.

Even if your dryer vents seem fine on the outside, it is still essential that you have them maintained regularly by a skilled professional. If your dryer has operated for over a year without any maintenance, it is high that that you get dryer vent cleaning in Provo as soon as practicable.

Here are the signs that your dryer already needs some repairs:

1. Noticeably Warmer or Hotter Clothing at the End of the Batch

Warmer or hotter clothes mean that the dryer is working a little too hard. The heating is brought by the buildup of heat that cannot rise to the other clothes or cannot go through the vents.

2. Noticeable Lint Formation on Both Ends of the Dryer Vent

Bosscarpetcleaning.com cites another sign that your dryer vent is in danger of breaking down: when you see small white formations or small white rings on the both ends of the dryer vent. These small formations, called lint, can only mean that even larger lumps may have probably been deposited inside.

3. Sagging Dryer Hose

A sagging hose can mean two things. First, it may mean that the material was exposed to moisture, which, in turn, weakened the most affected or most vulnerable areas. Think of the hose as “softening” up since it has been soaked for a long while. Second, it may also mean these sagging areas are full of collected lint that cannot go through the vents. An unclogging is most needed.

Check if your dryer has been showing these signs. Be thorough and inspect it thoroughly. Consult with experts in dryer vent cleaning in Provo to maintain your dryer vents.

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