Why Dental Equipment Purchases Require Careful Planning

A digital dental impression system has proven to be beneficial for the improvement of various treatment and procedures, yet dentists should be fully aware of how to integrate it into their practice.

Gary Kaye, the founder of the New York Center for Digital Dentistry, suggested that professionals should understand the total cost of ownership (TCO) for a digital impression system.

ROI Estimates

A clear understanding of TCO for a digital system is crucial for its successful integration, Kaye said. Like 3D printing in orthodontics, Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab noted that investment in a new technology includes careful planning based on a possible cost estimate on ROIs.

Dentists should consult a financial adviser about their plan to buy new equipment, especially if they plan to use loans for the purchase. Otherwise, you can simply calculate a possible ROI by dividing the increase in expected profit with the equipment’s price. If the potential ROI exceeds the amount of interest in paying off a loan, the planned purchase may be a sensible one.

For digital impression systems, workflow and training serve as another reason why dentists should be careful in integrating new equipment. A dental practice that has hastily decided to adopt a digital system could suffer from interrupted workflows, which can lead to indeterminable hidden expenses.

Ancillary Costs

Whether you plan to adapt to a digital system or buy a new dental chair, you should consider the ancillary costs for each purchase. Some of the additional expenses for integrating a digital dental impression system include the monthly Internet, licensing, and storage.

When planning the TCO of a purchase, you should be aware that these costs will most likely be recurrent. Hence, take the time to review the financial capacity of your practice to cover these added expenses.

A planned purchase of a dental equipment or software system should serve the purpose of improving bottom-line or services. Without careful planning, you could experience financial troubles among other problems.