Why Remove Wisdom Teeth? Answers and More

You are probably anticipating your wisdom teeth removed if you have older siblings that have undergone the procedure or if you have seen the funny online videos of young adults in post-removal.

Why do your wisdom teeth need to be removed, though? Scott W. Grant, DMD, Meridian dental care experts tells us below.

Late Dental Bloomers

First and foremost, wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth that grow at the back of your jaws. Factoring in the size of your mouth, however, wisdom teeth can grow at odd angles or become impacted.

Impacted wisdom teeth mean these teeth are trying to squeeze into your mouth even when there is no longer room for them.

A World of Pain

The growth of your wisdom teeth as above can then lead to some problems. You will experience pain, for example, and you become at risk of infection or gum disease. Tooth decay can set in. Other teeth or jaw bones can even incur damage.

For those reasons, you have to go through a dental procedure to remove wisdom teeth. You could start with a checkup that evaluates the status of your wisdom teeth.

Dental pain, problems, or signs of problems will then prompt your dentist to schedule the removal procedure itself. You can ask away at this time about any concerns you have.

Teeth Extraction

During the procedure itself, you will receive anesthesia so that you can relax and not worry about feeling anything during the extraction. Your dentist will then remove one or all of your visible wisdom teeth. After extraction, your dentist will out in sutures and cover the wound with gauze.

Recovery at Home

Once you get home, you will start recovery, and your experience may vary from the experiences of others. As long as you follow the instructions of your dentist, you will be fine. Watch out for any unusual symptoms. Contact your dentist right away if you notice anything.

With this, as you can see, wisdom teeth removal can be a necessary procedure that can save you from a world of dental trouble.