Will You Have a Better Summer with Split-System Air Conditioners?

Intense heat is fast approaching for Sydneysiders this summer, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. Only seven days into 2018 and the second highest temperature, 47.3 degrees, has hit Australia. You’ll want to prepare your home’s cooling system as the coming days may reach at least 50 degrees Celsius.

The Bureau of Statistics shared that nearly three-quarters of Australian homes have air conditioning systems for cooling, such as ducted, multi-split and split system. But the installation of split-system air conditioners is at its peak in Sydney.

Here’s why:

Convenient Installation

Split systems are easier to install. Since one split-system air conditioner consists of two units, one indoors and one outdoors, they use up less space in your homes. In most cases, the outdoor and indoor units only clamour for a three-inch hole through a wall for the conduit.

With varying lengths of connecting pipes, it’s now possible to deliver cool air to a wider room without taking up too much space in your homes. You can place your outdoor unit somewhere hidden from your neighbours’ or visitors’ eyes, while your indoor unit cools your entire living room.

Energy Efficient

Most Australian households are now gearing towards going ‘green’, and split-system air conditioners can help you achieve this end. The lack of ductwork in split systems, with its zoning capabilities, means the air goes straight to the indoor unit from the outdoor unit, allowing greater energy efficiency. This minimises use of refrigeration, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. Such units also meet the required Minimum Energy Performance Standards implemented for energy labelling in Australia.

Higher Savings

Lower energy consumption means lower expenses. Split-system air conditioner reduces the chances of losing energy, which will maximise your savings. This type of AC consumes less energy compared to the older models of air conditioners. If you’re planning to save up, it is highly recommended that you install split-system air conditioners in your home as soon as possible.

With split-system air conditioners, you not only save the environment but also gain savings. Even better, you’ll stay comfortable throughout summer.