Wonderful Tonight: 3 Creative Ideas for a Fun, Memorable Wedding Reception

wedding receptionNo memorable wedding or celebration in the UK is complete without a big finale. So if you’re looking to add a little dash of pizzazz and life to your wedding reception, here are a few creative ideas that will add a delightful surprise or end your special day with a bang (literally!).

Up in the Air

As night falls, invite your guests to step outside and look up to the stars to enjoy a spectacular pyrotechnic show in celebration of your marriage.

A fireworks display is always a great way to add sparkle and glamour to your wedding. It serves as both a romantic moment and a dazzling entertainment for all the guests. Painting the sky in sparklers gives the event some truly magical moments. Just make sure that when you’re looking for fireworks in the UK, it’ll be handled by professionals and not by the likely-drunk best man or groomsmen.

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Make your guests feel a bit more welcome by incorporating them in the reception décor—with a gallery of meaningful and memorable photos.

Old photos of the newlyweds with their friends and family make for great wedding decorations. Hang these pictures around the venue, place some on the table, and put them up on displays much like an art exhibit. Then use lights and lanterns as spotlights for the photos. This is a fun party conversation starter, as guests take a leisurely stroll and find their part in your love story.

You can even pair this with the fireworks display for a truly dazzling and delightful activity. Light the way down a path with lanterns on the ground, walls, and tree branches leading to the lawn, where you can then enjoy the big fireworks finale. And all you’ll need is to buy some quality fireworks, lanterns, and light fixtures.

Fun Ice Breaker

When you enter the reception for the first time as a married couple, make it more memorable by skipping the conventional arm-in-arm walk. Run, skip, or break dance with your better half. Think of something creative you both can do to make a big entrance. This is a fun ice breaker for the reception and mood setter for the rest of the evening.

Whatever you plan to do, the key is making your event as memorable as possible not just for you and your significant other, but for all the attendees as well.